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Open Source Head Unit

Product Information

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For legal reasons, we must mention that we do not support to use of this product in a car in any way shape or form.


I got my Mazda MX5 a few years ago, and it came with a Sony (some numbers). It plays CDs and connects to my old iPod, but refuses to interface with my phone and the bluetooth sound quality is terrible. Looking on the market, fumctionality that brings an older car like mine up to modern standards cist upwards of $500, and don't even have a volume knob. When I saw this, I chose to take things into my own hands. The head unit we have designed here at Algebuckina Design uses off the shelf components (when they are in stock, sorry) to make a more open and far cheaper competitor to the competition, while still keeping the option for android auto compatability.

We sell a kit to mount all the off the shelf components together, but the schematics can also be found on our Github so you can make it yourself. We also offer SD cards preloaded with Android Auto so no software skill is required.

What's in the Box

Head Unit Kit

1x Wood faceplate
4x Wood internal plates
12x 3D printed brackets
1x Instruction manual
Some amount of screws (TBD)


1x 16GB micro SD card with Crankshaft OS installed (extra $00.00)

What you need to bring

Note: you can find these products cheaper elsewhere, this is just a guide

Off the shelf components

1x 7” 800x480 TFT DSI Capacitive Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi (V1.0) Core Electronics
1x Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB Core Electronics
1x Raspberry Pi DigiAMP+ Core Electronics
1x GPIO Header for Raspberry Pi - 2x20 Female Header Core Electronics
1x DC Barrel Jack Plug - Male Core Electronics
1x Rotary Encoder Core Electronics
4x USB 3.0 Male To Female Extension Panel Cable ebay
1x General 12-24v Power Cable


Soldering Iron with Solder
Screw Driver
Wire Strippers

Tech Specs

Size and Weight

Height: 000 mm
Width: 000 mm
Depth: 000 mm
Weight: 000 g


Crankshaft OS Website
Raspberry Pi OS Website

Setup with supplied Crankshaft OS SD card

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