This was my 1st attempt at making a new model from scratch for SWG. It didn't really turn out how I wanted it to, but it did teach me that video games get most of their item detail from textures, not model quality. But it also highlighted how good Solidworks renders stuff. The following is what was posted when the mod was uploaded:

Been meaning to start improving the model quality in game, so I spent a few hours making a power hammer in Solidworks. I'm not 100% happy with it, but with my limited knowledge and the lack of releases on this site I thought I might just throw it out there and see what people think. I've tried to mimic most of the textures details in 3D to create a better model. I'll be working on adding more detail and custom textures in the future.

In game render:screenShot0278.jpg

Solidworks Render:
Power Hammer 3.png