After a 2 year hiatus, I needed to get back into the grove of making mods for SWG, and this is how I did it. HK-47 is a beloved character in the star wars expanded universe, and this mod replaced the LE repair droid, an in game companion, with HK-47 from a later version of the game. The mod page reads as follows:

I found HK-47 in the MTG tre files a few years ago and wanted to add him to precu swg somehow. I finally got around to doing so. I'll be continuing to add new dialogue as time goes on and get the sound working.

The mod replaces all the Le rapair droid files with the following HK-47 ones:

  • new meshs
  • new textures
  • new effects
  • new animations (note, the walking animation is really slow)
  • new custom string (WIP, there is a lot of conversation text to replace)
  • sounds (WIP)

I've included an easy drop and drag install, as well as a tre file for those who like a cleaner swg folder.

unknown (1).jpg
And here is what he looked like before I changed the textures and effects:
unknown (2).jpg