SWGEmu Mod Manager


The SWGEmu Mod manager is an open source winforms C# project I've been slowly chipping away at over the past year. In essence, it's an easy to use way to install and uninstall TRE based mods to SWGEmu. I've tired to remake UI elements from SWG so it integrated into the look of the game.

In it's current form, the manager has most of it's functionality, I just need to finish up the mod lists, implement the editing of the config files for SWG and pack tre files. The manager currently launches the game, allows the importing of mods, lists all the files in the /mod folder and loads swgemu_live.cfg into an array.

This project is very much a work in progress, but as I learn more about coding, I add more to the mod manager.


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Finally dove back into this project after a few months off. I now have the program adding active mods to the active window (though this needs more refinement), as seen by the following screenshot.

I do think this will need to be done differently cause it currently creates a new array that is applied to the checkbox. In future, it'll be some sort of filter for the checkbox. I think.

I also started writing changes to file, like I've changed the search priority to max out. This is done by searching the array for "maxSearchPriority", when it finds it, it replaces the line and adds a 999 instead of a 25. I am yet to do anything significant with this yet, but once I figure out how to add lines to an array, hopefully this will change.



I still have a lot of changes I want to make, but it's core functionality of adding tre mods to the game, ordering them and launching the game


Screenshot 2023-03-23 212124.png