This website has been a work in progress ever since I started Algebuckina Design.

I originally created a website from scratch for a uni project as part of a "building your portfolio" class. I knew nothing about HTML at the time so learnt the basics from a YouTube video (sadly I've lost the link to it) and it turned out alright, but after I left uni, I wanted something more for myself, and my company. The code for the old website can be found here.

I wanted something easier to maintain than straight HTML with more functionality that I didn't need to add myself. Wordpress is the industry standard but I really wanted a forum type experience that I was able to build off. After looking at how much vBulletin cost, I looked for an open source alternative, and NodeBB popped up in my search. It costs to have them host it and work on features for you, but is open source and free to use if you set it up yourself.

After making an ubuntu server VM on one of my 2008 Mac Mini, installed nodebb and a GUI, and started working on it, transferring everything from my old website over. But I found that most of the information was already out of date, so I threw it all away and chose to start from scratch.

Sadly, my poor old Mac Mini couldn't handle the VM, so I packed it up and moved it over to a slightly newer iMac (yes I've kept all my old computers and yes I know it's a problem) and that's where it still runs today.

I have slowly been developing it over the past year, learning how new things works and definitely not been copy pasting from stack overflow, but it's come a long way and I'm very close to having a finished product.

While working on my own website, an opportunity openened up at the Church I was attending at the time to make them a new website, the details of that can be found here.

As I change things, I will be noting them down in this thread, I just uploaded all the code to github today and it can be found here:

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