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Terminal only OS's suck, and WSL isn't suited for a bare metal server, so I wanted to make a server guide with a user friendly OS for the common person, and here it is. Above is a video tutorial of this guide. Please either watch the video or read this guide in full before starting this process.

Before we start, please note, you do need to open the terminal and enter commands in Linux, so if this is too much for you, Mod the galaxy has a prebuilt VM for you to use here.

And thanks neopixie for the guide on the SWGEmu froums that this guide is based on.


Okay, so your 1st step is to download Pop!_OS, stupid name, really user friendly OS. The ISO for 20.04 can be found HERE, (Core3 needs an OS based on 20.04 for some reason) and, if you are installing on bare metal, you'll need to make a boot device with a USB stick and rufus (https://rufus.ie/en/)

Open rufus and write your ISO to the USB stick, this may take some time, after this, you have everything you need to start your own bare metal server now.

Drive install.PNG


You'll need to boot to your iso or USB, depending on how you are doing this, you'll need to figure this part out yourself, consult your motherboard, server or virtual machine manager to figure out how to boot into the Pop!_OS live install image. Follow the prompts through the install process, it's actually way easier than windows and doens't ask you to sign your life away like making a microsoft account. After the OS reboots, Go to the you should open this Pop!_Shop and install all the updates, then open this guide in firefox so you can copy, paste and download stuff easily.

popos install program install page.PNG


You'll need to download the install script from "here".

Now, time to start the scary part. Navigate to the downloads folder where the script downloaded, and right click on the window and click "Open in terminal", this should open terminal in that exact location. Now you'll need to enter a command to run the script. Copy the following and paste it into terminal:
sudo sh swgemu-server-script.sh

Enter your password, wait a bit, then enter Y and hit enter, as terminal requests.

And please note, this script only uses 1 core to build, so it will take some time. If you're game, there is a comment on line 21 in the script that will tell you how to add cores to the build. Change that to every core you have available.

This script will install dependancies, download Core3, builds Core3, sets up your sql database.

After this runs, you'll have to run:
sudo chown -R $USER: $HOME

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