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St Matthew's Uniting Church was the Church I used to attend as a Youth, and when Covid restrictions hit NSW, they needed to jump head first into improving their stream quality so it was like people were actually in the room for the Church services. I was instrumental at getting this up and running (information on that project can be found here), but using Youtube to stream was becoming problematic with broken embedding and links. To rectify this, we needed to move to Twitch, but their current website didn't support SSL, which Twitch needs to be embedded.

At this point, I put my hand up to develop a website, Algebuckina Design's 1st Project. I had originally made my own from scratch in HTML (the predecessor to this website) and I was keen to throw myself in the deep and start work on a website.

We wanted something that was easier than wordpress so people with limited skills with a computer could post to it, so, after some research, I settled on Nodebb, an open source forum engine that could be setup for free on our own server, and with the custom pages plugin to make a more standard looking website.

The website is still in active development with the Church contracting us to implement features and changes as requested. We are currently working on a chat feature for our livestreams so we can remove the Twitch chat we've imbedded.

Youth and Young Adults Page

Youth and Young Adults Page (personal note, I need to update the fusion logo)

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