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I still have a lot of changes I want to make, but it's core functionality of adding tre mods to the game, ordering them and launching the game


Screenshot 2023-03-23 212124.png

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Finally dove back into this project after a few months off. I now have the program adding active mods to the active window (though this needs more refinement), as seen by the following screenshot.

I do think this will need to be done differently cause it currently creates a new array that is applied to the checkbox. In future, it'll be some sort of filter for the checkbox. I think.

I also started writing changes to file, like I've changed the search priority to max out. This is done by searching the array for "maxSearchPriority", when it finds it, it replaces the line and adds a 999 instead of a 25. I am yet to do anything significant with this yet, but once I figure out how to add lines to an array, hopefully this will change.


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(video link)

Terminal only OS's suck, and WSL isn't suited for a bare metal server, so I wanted to make a server guide with a user friendly OS for the common person, and here it is. Above is a video tutorial of this guide. Please either watch the video or read this guide in full before starting this process.

Before we start, please note, you do need to open the terminal and enter commands in Linux, so if this is too much for you, Mod the galaxy has a prebuilt VM for you to use here.

And thanks neopixie for the guide on the SWGEmu froums that this guide is based on.


Okay, so your 1st step is to download Pop!_OS, stupid name, really user friendly OS. The ISO for 20.04 can be found HERE, (Core3 needs an OS based on 20.04 for some reason) and, if you are installing on bare metal, you'll need to make a boot device with a USB stick and rufus (https://rufus.ie/en/)

Open rufus and write your ISO to the USB stick, this may take some time, after this, you have everything you need to start your own bare metal server now.

Drive install.PNG


You'll need to boot to your iso or USB, depending on how you are doing this, you'll need to figure this part out yourself, consult your motherboard, server or virtual machine manager to figure out how to boot into the Pop!_OS live install image. Follow the prompts through the install process, it's actually way easier than windows and doens't ask you to sign your life away like making a microsoft account. After the OS reboots, Go to the you should open this Pop!_Shop and install all the updates, then open this guide in firefox so you can copy, paste and download stuff easily.

popos install program install page.PNG


You'll need to download the install script from "here".

Now, time to start the scary part. Navigate to the downloads folder where the script downloaded, and right click on the window and click "Open in terminal", this should open terminal in that exact location. Now you'll need to enter a command to run the script. Copy the following and paste it into terminal:
sudo sh swgemu-server-script.sh

Enter your password, wait a bit, then enter Y and hit enter, as terminal requests.

And please note, this script only uses 1 core to build, so it will take some time. If you're game, there is a comment on line 21 in the script that will tell you how to add cores to the build. Change that to every core you have available.

This script will install dependancies, download Core3, builds Core3, sets up your sql database.

After this runs, you'll have to run:
sudo chown -R $USER: $HOME

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@b98turner said in Widevision VR:

After jumping back into the environment of late, I've seen a few things I need to clean up. I want to get back into designing virtual spaces again and jumping back into this project to touch some things up seems like a great way to do it.

Sadly I did jump back into this project and pretty much everything was broken. I am currently looking on making a new environment as a showcase of what we can do in VR and Steam VR.

I am also keeping tabs on if/when valve will release the Source 2 SDK so I can begin making standalone environments on Steam.

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This website has been a work in progress ever since I started Algebuckina Design.

I originally created a website from scratch for a uni project as part of a "building your portfolio" class. I knew nothing about HTML at the time so learnt the basics from a YouTube video (sadly I've lost the link to it) and it turned out alright, but after I left uni, I wanted something more for myself, and my company. The code for the old website can be found here.

I wanted something easier to maintain than straight HTML with more functionality that I didn't need to add myself. Wordpress is the industry standard but I really wanted a forum type experience that I was able to build off. After looking at how much vBulletin cost, I looked for an open source alternative, and NodeBB popped up in my search. It costs to have them host it and work on features for you, but is open source and free to use if you set it up yourself.

After making an ubuntu server VM on one of my 2008 Mac Mini, installed nodebb and a GUI, and started working on it, transferring everything from my old website over. But I found that most of the information was already out of date, so I threw it all away and chose to start from scratch.

Sadly, my poor old Mac Mini couldn't handle the VM, so I packed it up and moved it over to a slightly newer iMac (yes I've kept all my old computers and yes I know it's a problem) and that's where it still runs today.

I have slowly been developing it over the past year, learning how new things works and definitely not been copy pasting from stack overflow, but it's come a long way and I'm very close to having a finished product.

While working on my own website, an opportunity openened up at the Church I was attending at the time to make them a new website, the details of that can be found here.

As I change things, I will be noting them down in this thread, I just uploaded all the code to github today and it can be found here: https://github.com/algebuckina/algebuckina-design-website

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The SWGEmu Mod manager is an open source winforms C# project I've been slowly chipping away at over the past year. In essence, it's an easy to use way to install and uninstall TRE based mods to SWGEmu. I've tired to remake UI elements from SWG so it integrated into the look of the game.

In it's current form, the manager has most of it's functionality, I just need to finish up the mod lists, implement the editing of the config files for SWG and pack tre files. The manager currently launches the game, allows the importing of mods, lists all the files in the /mod folder and loads swgemu_live.cfg into an array.

This project is very much a work in progress, but as I learn more about coding, I add more to the mod manager.